PVC-u Pipes

Agriculture & Portable Water Supply

Agriculture Pipes and fittings

The Selfit (Solvent Cement Joint) pipes have one end self-socketed and the other end plain and Elastomeric Seal Ring fit pipes have sealing ring joints, which fits snugly without the use of couplers. The strong solvent cement joint and sealing sing joints are permanent and trouble free.


  • Selfit Sockets and sealing ring joints are formed with high precision on modernized developed machines.
  • 50% Saving in installation time, as compared with plain ended pipes and loose couplers.
  • The number of joints are reduced by 50%, resulting in substantial saving in labor costs.
  • Eliminates the inconvenience of loose couplers, & reduction in inventory costs.
  • Selfit and sealing ring joint pipes are supplied in a standard length of 6 mtrs. exclusive of the socket portion.

Air Valve Selection & Installation

  • Combination of air & water is very dangerous for PVC Pipes.
  • Air Being compressible in nature, tends to accumulate in the pipeline and in case of non-functioning of air valves it results in high localized pressure.
  • To avoid this phenomenon, good quality air valves should be installed at all peak points in the pipeline with a distance of 300 to 400 meters between them.
  • Air Valves are of two types: Single Acting & Double Acting
  • It is recommended that the size of air valve should be about 1/4th the diameter of pipe for the admission as well as release of air.
  • The function of an air valve is the same as that of a nose in a human body.

Requirement of PVC-u Adhesive for Jointing

Color Coding as per IS:4985

Selection of Pressure Class

Handling & Storage Of Pipes

  • PVC-u pipes should be handled with due care to avoid damage to the surface and to the ends of the pipe.
  • Dragging pipes along the ground should be strictly avoided.
  • PVC-u pipes should be loaded and unloaded by hand. Lifting chains & hooks should be used carefully.
  • PVC-u pipes should be gently lowered onto the ground and stored on flat level ground free or sharp stones or objects.
  • Each layer of pipe must have the sockets protruding and alternate layers must have socket end and plain ends as shown in figure, to ensure that the pipes are supported throughout the length.
  • Extra care must be taken to see that sockets of the bottom layer do not carry any load.
  • This can be ensured by use of suitable wooden planks or blocks.

Trench Preparation

  • The width of the trench should be as narrow as possible, allowing enough room for joining, back-filling, etc.
  • A trench width of 350 to 400 mm over the outside diameter of the pipe is found quite adequate.
  • Depth of the trench plays an important part in a good pipeline, and ideally it should be one meter above the top of the pipe.
  • The trench should be provided with a proper bedding layer, which should be free of stones and other such objects
  • Proper and careful bedding of the pipeline will ensure a long service life of the entire system.

Technical Chart of Idol PVC-u Pipe for Agriculture Portable Water Supply (IS:4985-2000)

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