HDPE Pipe Manufacturer in india

HDPE Pipes are manufactured from grades PE 63, PE 80 and PE 100 and is an ideal replacement for GI and MS pipes.


  • Light in weight and easy to carry as compared to MS and GI pipes.
  • Low transportation and installation cost.
  • Available in suitable coils from 50 meters to 500 meters as well as in straight lengths of 6 meters.
  • Non- Corrosive.
  • Transfer of heat is much lower.
  • Chemically inert and UV resistance.
  • Good elasticity & strength property
  • Smooth Inner surface prevents growth of bacteria hence making pumping easier and faster.

HDPE Spray/Pressure Pipe:

  • Insecticide Spraying
  • Compressed gas and air application


  • Water supply for irrigation.
  • Drip irrigation system.
  • Sprinkler irrigation system.
  • Drawing water from dams and borewell for water distribution.
  • External & internal drainage and sewage.
  • Salt Water Handling.
  • Telecommunication cable ducting for domestic and industrial use.

Wall thickness for material grade PE-63

Wall thickness for material grade PE-80

Wall thickness for material grade PE-100


What is HDPE pipe full form?

Used for making Aerated drinks, water bottles, plastic combs, pens, etc. HDPE – High-Density Polyethylene. Used for making noncorrosive industrial containers for storing chemicals like acids. LDPE- Low-Density Polyethylene.

How is HDPE pipe made?

HDPE is made under controlled conditions by applying extraordinary warmth to petrol. This interaction, otherwise called “breaking,” makes ethylene gas. During its creation, the gas particles will connect to frame polymers, which then, at that point produce polyethylene.

Where is HDPE pipe used?

How HDPE Pipes Prove Useful in Different Applications. HDPE is a polyethylene thermoplastic pipe made from a material called petroleum. It is commonly used in the production of plastic bottles, plastic lumber, and various other items like corrosion-water pipes along with Geomembrane.

Is HDPE waterproof?

Indeed, HDPE is fitting for building establishment waterproofing. As well as aiding waterproof, it can likewise act to assist with shielding the establishment from root interruption. The tight cell design of HDPE makes it a successful fume retarder.

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