SWR Drainage System



Sewage Waste & Rain Water System

Idol Sewage Waste & Rain Water System comes with new technology pre-fitted yellow seal rubber ring in the groves of pipes and fittings that ensures leak free joints. With this joining system it also gives space for thermal contraction and expansions.

Range of SWR pipes and fittings in 75 mm and 110 mm have wide use for solid, water and rain water drainage for all sectors development. Strong and durable system which is low in weight and easy on pocket provide users a suitable option for installations.


  • Inside & outside drainage fittings of commercial, industrial, public, utilities & buildings.
  • For rain water discharges

Product Range:

  • Pipes : 75mm & 110mm
  • Fittings : 75mm & 110mm
  • Type A : With yellow seal rubber ring pipes for waste water discharge


  • Fast & Easy Installation with push fit system
  • Cost Effective – No Solvent Cement required for joints
  • Leak proof joints with high flow rate
  • No Choking
  • Easy cleaning of system

SWR Drainage System

SWR Pipe specifications

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